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Creating Eye Popping Billboard Advertisements

There are a few basic guidelines to consider when designing for the OOH medium, but they are not
rules. There are always exceptions. However, adapting the guidelines does require an appreciation for the fundamental principles of good OOH design.

The OOH medium presents limitless options and approaches for creative design. There are dozens of sizes and shapes, seemingly endless locations and stunning technologies offering boundless opportunities for designing effective advertising.

2010 Gold Obie Award Winner by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Click here for the complete OOH Design Guidelines


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How Outdoor Advertising Helped these Brands Grow their Business

How Outdoor Advertising Helped these Brands Grow their Business



In recent years, outdoor advertising has grown significantly as a potent medium and has been projected to increase by a CAGR of 5.75% by 2018. Further reports presented by Outdoor Media Association in 2014 showed that OOH industry’s net revenue has increased by 7% within 12 months.

Regardless of its impact, versatility and dynamism, outdoor advertising suffers under the skepticism and ignorance of brands, yet to come to terms with its efficacy. Outdoor advertising is a catalyst for increasing brand awareness, re-positioning brands positively and creating a lasting positive brand image. It reinforces a brand’s promise in the mind of consumers (brand recall) and helps businesses remain top of mind...

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Boardworks Outdoor Advertising Gives Atlanta Non-Profits A Chance To Shine


Boardworks Outdoor Advertising Gives Atlanta Non-Profits A Chance To Shine

ATLANTA, Ga. (September,2014) Boardworks, Atlanta’s Premier Boutique Billboard Company announces that starting Monday, 29th, September, every month one Atlanta area 501c3 Non-Profit organization will win a one week Public Service Announcement (PSA) on a State of the Art Digital Billboard reaching over 250,000 drivers daily.


Non-profit organizations must submit their Digital Billboard artwork and message by posting on either Facebook,  Twitter or via email to

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The 2015 OBIE Awards are now open for submission.

2The hunt has begun for the elusive OBIE Award, out of home advertising’s highest creative honor. Only those deemed worthy will find it. Will you be among them?

One intrepid treasure hunter kept a record of his lifelong search for the OBIE. Click here to see an excerpt from his travel journal.

The 2015 OBIE Awards are open to all OOH campaigns posted in the 2014 calendar year which have not been entered in any previous OBIE Awards program. Review the complete Call for Entry guidelines here.

The submission deadline is Monday, December 15, 2014.

If you have any questions about the OBIE Awards program, please contact Makeda Kefale at

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The #1 Outdoor Advertising Mistake

1Imagine scoring a perfect billboard location on the side of a high-traffic street, no obstructions, and tons of stop-and-go traffic throughout the day. You’ve invested in a professional designer – even though it was pricey – you feel it’ll be worth it because of all the new customers you’ll get from your ad.

You get a call from the outdoor company, telling you the ad has been posted, so you grab your keys and head over to see your beautiful new billboard right away. As you drive, you get that thrilling feeling of excitement, anticipating seeing your logo posted up high for all the world to see, and look forward to the influx of customers your ad is going to bring you.

As you get closer, you start to see your billboard...

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