Nancy Fletcher’s 25-Year Perspective

Nancy Fletcher

Nancy Fletcher OAAA President and CEO

Real Progress . . . The Best is Yet to Come

Twenty-five years ago, I signed a contract to lead OAAA (October 1991). A few months later, my husband and I moved our family from Minnesota to Washington, DC.

Thinking back on a quarter century, I’ve assembled a list of 25 highlights in 25 years (scroll down for full list). From then till now, working together, we’ve made real progress:

  • Advertising revenue reports used to put our medium in the “other” category, if it was mentioned at all. Now OAAA is a central source for OOH revenue reporting (and is cited by The New York Times and other reputable press outlets.)
  • We used to avoid the press (or run). Now we embrace the press, ready to tell our story. The New York Times just published an article urging the world to “Look Up” to see the innovations in OOH, and Ad Age Creativity magazine just covered the industry’s Vote to Count campaign.
  • Naysayers wrote us off in hard times. But we were resilient through recessions (2008-09), terrorists’ attacks (2001), and the loss of tobacco advertising (1998-99).
  • We used to reluctantly work with government. Now we are partners to the FBI, the US Marshals Service, FEMA, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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