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Boardworks Outdoor Advertising Website Ranked #1 by Billboard Insider

Billboard Insider’s 2016 Outdoor Advertising Company Website Rankings

This year we changed the rankings to give more importance to a social media presence. A total of 19 points is possible and 1 company received a perfect score. Five companies received a score of 0 because their site was not working, under construction or appeared to have been hacked. Here is our point system.

Who you are (6 points)...

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Boardworks had the #1 ranked website on Billboard Insider’s 2015 ranking of outdoor advertising company websites. The site loads fast and is clean and uncluttered. There is a location map with multiple pictures of each sign showing street reads. The company has a great social media presence with twitter, linked in, youtube and facebook pages.  Insider talked with Steve Crayne, Boardworks Director of Marketing and Special projects about what it takes to design a top outdoor advertising website. Read more at Billboard Insider

Billboard Insider’s Outdoor Website Rankings – 2015


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