Take The Challenge – Rock One Sock for National Missing Children’s Day (May 25, 2016)

Why #RockOneSock?

Missing children’s issues do not affect every household, but we wanted to give the average person a chance to show that they stand in solidarity with missing children and their families. Our goal is to take something tangible and make a viral phenomenon that brings hope and inspiration to National Missing Children’s Day (May 25, 2016). During the month of May, we’re asking everyone to wear one sock, take a “footsie” (a picture or video of your feet with one sock) and post it to social media using the hashtag #RockOneSock. Continue to spread awareness and support by tagging friends to either do the #RockOneSock challenge or make a donation to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Let it start a conversation with your friends and family!



Help us raise awareness for missing children in the month of May. Take the #RockOneSock challenge or donate instead! Challenge two friends to do the same.

Sample Messaging for Social Media:
• National Missing Children’s Day is May 25. I’m rocking one sock to raise awareness with @MissingKids. @Friend, will you #RockOneSock?
• I’m rocking one sock to show my support for @MissingKids and National Missing Children’s Day on May 25. @Friend, will you #RockOneSock?
• Rock One Sock Challenge: Post a “footsie” wearing one sock as a symbol of hope for our nation’s missing children and challenge three others to do the same or to donate to NCMEC! #RockoneSock this May in honor of National Missing Children’s Month.

Please visit http://www.rockonesock.org to learn more.